Tuesday, June 5

Quit Your Dayjob

So, it turns out there is music being made in Sweden beyond perfect pop. Swedish synth/surf-punkers Quit Your Dayjob released their Open Up, Coconut! back in February, but only now have I been giving it some spins. This is some seriously fun (and sometimes funny) stuff.

Open Up, Coconut! packs 13 tracks into a mere 21 minutes, riding a wave of fat synth tones and wicked guitar briskly from start to finish. Their sound has a strong vintage quality, but I'll be darned if those synthesizers aren't tugging them onward toward Buck Rogers territory.

With vocals reminiscent of Jello Biafra and Fred Schneider (yes, seriously) and instrumentation like a menacing Bizarro Devo, these guys are both fun and dark. I won't argue that Open Up, Coconut! is a masterpiece, but it sure is a hoot to play and bounce around like an idiot. On that note, my apologies to my downstairs neighbors.

Quit Your Dayjob - Freaks are Out
Quit Your Dayjob - Sweden We Got a Problem
Quit Your Dayjob - Vlado Video

For more on Quit Your Dayjob, see their Myspace. To quit your day job, see your employer.


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