Friday, June 1

CD Baby 3-for-$15 sale

The good people at CD Baby are having a 3-for-$15 sale, and each sale item after the third is $5. I found several goodies I've been meaning to pick up. Most were by local acts since that's what I know best, and I welcome further suggestions. Here's what caught my eye, with a sample track when available:

Bishop Allen, Charm School [buy]

Bishop Allen - Things are What You Make of Them

The Yum Yum Tree, The Tetherball EP [buy]

The Yum Yum Tree -Tetherball

Parade, A Red Button [buy]

Parade - Penelope Shoes

Ultrababyfat, Eight Balls in Reverse [buy]

Brand New Buzz! Atlanta pop/rock sampler (1997) [buy]

Again, further suggestions are encouraged. Let me know what else I should check out...


Blogger John said...

not that they make it easy to figure out which cds are eligible for the discount, but middle distance runner - plane in flames is worth checking out... i think

3:36 AM


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