Wednesday, July 11

St. Vincent 7-10-2007 @ Wordsmiths Books, Decatur, GA

The first night of St. Vincent's two-day visit to Atlanta is complete. Annie Clark and her band arrived at Wordsmiths Books about twenty minutes later than the 8pm announced start time, reportedly because they had their first encounter with Atlanta traffic. Tee-hee.

After a rushed set-up (from the van to the stage in under 10 minutes!), Annie played a solo set with just her guitar, pedals, and stomp pad. I believe she gave us about a half-dozen songs in 25 minutes, performing admirably given the circumstances. It certainly whet my appetite for tonight's appearance at The EARL. St. Vincent asked me not to share the recording of tonight's show, but for a taste here is unreleased song "Bang Bang" from Annie's set:

St. Vincent - Bang Bang [7-10-2007 at Wordsmiths, Decatur, GA; Annie solo]

I picked up a hard copy of Marry Me (released today!) at Wordsmiths (thanks Rachael!), which Annie sweetly signed complete with badass prison tats.

Thug life, bitches.

I'm told that St. Vincent will be stopping in at the Paste offices to record a podcast tomorrow afternoon, so watch for that in the near future.

Hope to see some of you at The EARL tonight. I'll be the jackass in the Cubs hat.


Blogger Wordsmiths Books said...

hey rich-thanks for being there. that was, simply put, awesome:)

8:53 AM

Blogger mediahostage said...

I like this new track, but I can't help but notice some striking similarities between it and Sonny Bono's song also titled "Bang, Bang." Nancy Sinatra's version of the song is fantastic, but Cher recorded her own version that is absolute crap.

St. Vincent's "Bang, Bang" is stylistically more similar to Nancy Sinatra's recording. I can't help but think that St. Vincent's song is a bit too similar to the original "Bang Bang" for my liking...

Am I crazy here?

10:15 AM

Anonymous Christopher said...

Gonna see her @ Bowery in NYC on Tues. Looking forward to it.

8:53 PM

Blogger FireBrand said...

how dope is that?

10:22 AM

Blogger shane said...

cheers for that rich. any more annie stuff?

1:51 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'll put up the EARL show when I have time to to the editing. Busy now with work stuff.

1:53 PM

Blogger shane said...

thanks man, no rush :)

5:48 PM

Anonymous Christopher said...

Looking forward to the EARL show mp3's. Thanks again.
BTW, I stuck a link to your blog on mine here:

5:20 PM


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