Saturday, August 18

Superhero karaoke

Given Meat Loaf's affiliation with the Marvel heroes, it's little wonder guys in the funnybooks have some love for classic rock. Actually, do the Village People count as classic rock? I'm pretty sure they play 'em on the same damn station, anyway.

From Fantastic Four #538...

Yikes. Although it would be amusing to see The Thing dressed up as the biker. Wouldn't "Macho Man" have been more appropriate?

From the Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular...

No surprise that Deadpool is into Styx. He's out of his mind.

In the spirit of classic rock karaoke, here are tracks from a few musical heroes getting in on the fun.

Of Montreal - Don't Stop Believin' [Journey; live 4-9-2007 w/ Jason NeSmith on vocals]
Jon Auer - Is She Really Going Out With Him? [Joe Jackson; live 6-30-2000]
Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright - Careless Whisper [Wham!; live 12-1-2006]
Mountain Goats - The Boys are Back in Town [Thin Lizzy; live 9-30-2004]

Almost makes me miss DaveFM. Almost.


Blogger Chris said...

If you ever come across the Mountain Goats covering Heart (Barracuda)... I had the fortune to hear it live in Minneapolis a year or so ago, but I'd love to hear it again.

8:40 PM


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