Monday, September 3

Bon Iver

When I've been asked about new artists lately, one of the first names to escape my lips has been that of Bon Iver. Fronted by Justin Vernon, Wisconsin-based Bon Iver's emotive and lush indie folk is reminiscent of artists like M. Ward, Horse Feathers, or a sedate Devendra Banhart. Their For Emma, Forever Ago is often lush and atmospheric, but avoids the trap of monotony that often taints the singer-songwriter genre. It's certainly one hell of a debut.

"Skinny Love" is a wonderful slow jam for the segue into autumn, with an irresistible sing-along chorus. I posted it on C&T without much comment a month ago, so if you missed it then it may be time to hop on the bandwagon.

Bon Iver - Skinny Love
Bon Iver - For Emma

For more on the band or to buy their wares, hit their Myspace.


Blogger Jack X said...

Consider that bandwagon hopped on. After learning of this phenomenal album from a lovely young lady, I have been telling most everyone I know about the love-child of Sam Beam and TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe that is Justin Vernon.

12:13 AM


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