Saturday, September 22

Live at WUOG

On Thursday night, University of Georgia radio station WUOG (90.5 FM) released its fourth compilation of live performances, Live at WUOG. The selections were culled from a few of their programs, as explained by the station's press release:

Our staff has been hard at work this past year booking, setting up, and producing bands to create our 4th release of live performances recorded in our studios. In addition to performances from "Live in the Lobby" it includes tracks from "Live Fast Rules" our live local metal show that is part of "Loud Fast Rules", "Crunk in the Lobby", our live hip-hop special which is put on by the DJs that host "The Halftime Hip Hop Show", as well as various non-local artists that have stopped by the station on tour from places such as North Carolina or even Sweden.

Contributions range from local C&T favorites (Madeline and Russian Spy Camera) to prominent indie acts (Lonely, Dear and The Posies). There's also fun pop (The Old Ceremony) and hilarious dance music (Les Napoleones) along with rock (Heros Severum) and local hip-hop (Deaf Judges, The Renegadez). There's also an unfortunate sampling of metal bands that pretty much hurt my head (e.g., Gravel Undertone, The Plague, and the painful screamo of Tualatin).

Even with a few misses the collection includes enough hits by local, regional, or (inter)national talent to make it a worthwhile sampler. The tracklist, along with a few free songs and a link to grab the whole darn thing:

Live at WUOG [2007]

01. The Old Ceremony - Papers in Order
02. Madeline - Jive Talking
03. Les Napoleones - Ze Germans
04. Deaf Judges - Nuevo
05. Gravel Undertone At the Gates
06. Ahleuchatistas - Shell in Ogoniland / If, Whenever / Sherman's March
07. Heros Severum - Out of Round
08. Lonely, Dear - I am John
09. The Plague - ZSR
10. Novum Organum - Third Movement
11. The Renegadez - Be Poppin'
12. The Posies - Second Time Around
13. Russian Spy Camera - Xs Over Eyes
14. Tualatin - Kill Yourself
15. Ishues - What They Do (freestyle)

You can also download the full album from Sendspace [77mb].

For the locals, hard copies are available at Athens area records stores. I got mine from the counter at Wuxtry. Thanks a million to WUOG for distributing the compilation!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was worth all the papercuts!

12:08 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! I still haven't figured out how to get the jacket out of the plastic to read it. Without damaging it, that is. ;-)

12:11 PM

Blogger Cassinator said...

I'd always wished WRAS could do something like this, but at GSU red tape is the word.

2:35 PM

Anonymous Binky said...

Gravel Undertone aint just some metal band. I dont think you listened hard enough.

6:57 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, they 're not on my radar at all. Never heard of them other than on this comp. Nothing against them, just not my thing.

7:29 PM


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