Monday, September 24

It's a blue ribbon day

Overheard today at an Athens restaurant...

Guy: I'd like a beer. What do you like?
Waitress: What kind are you looking for?
Guy: Something good, not an American beer.
Waitress: Well, I like PBR.
Guy: What's it like?
Waitress: It's like an American beer, I guess.
Guy: I'll take one.

It's a wonder my head didn't explode then and there.

Bonus mp3: The Gunshy - $4 Pabst


Flat Response (Lance!) is hosting the Black Kids set from Athens Popfest. Woohoo!


Anonymous mike said...

hey rich,
more black kids / lolligags news...
the nov 16th show will be at the flicker theater & bar in athens, show starts 9:30 pm, also i'll be hosting my birthday party this year at the caledonia lounge on december 14th w/ lolligags, black kids, & casper & the cookies. i'll get you a file of the show poster for the flicker show if you want it. also you should come out to the apples in stereo show tomorrow night, they are playing early songs on this tour. mike

5:59 PM

Blogger mike said...

Here is song about 24 ounce cans of PBR by Attractive Eighties Women - Master Cylinder

8:49 PM

Blogger Lazer Kaufman said...

All I can think of whenever I see PBR is that scene from Blue Velvet.

4:04 PM


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