Friday, September 7

Gogol Bordello in Atlanta, October 19

The Falconer sends word that the daytime hit of Bonnaroo, Gogol Bordello, are due back in Atlanta next month. Huzzah!

They are energetic, rambunctious, and out of control... they're like the gosh darn klezmer/gypsy Black Lips or something. I'll have to hit The Roxy on October 19 so they can blow my fragile little mind.

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
Gogol Bordello - Troubled Friends [live]

For the remaining dates, see their Myspace. I can't stress enough how great these guys are live.


Blogger Ramiro said...

I like Gogol Bordello, I remember him opening for Manu Chao in NY 6 years ago...It was hilarious!
I just found new Manu's tour dates, songs and video, check it out:

5:42 PM


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