Monday, September 3

Quiet Hooves

One Athens band that really deserves some C&T love is Quiet Hooves. They were featured by the Flagpole back in April, and came highly recommended by Athens locals. I don't know if word of their existence has yet trickled beyond north Georgia, but it darn well should.

Quiet Hooves are the sort of band that this town seems to foster like few others -- they're quirky, poppy, entertaining, and energetic. Perhaps a bit sloppy too, but in manner that I find charming rather than cringe-worthy. Certainly a rookie outfit to keep an eye on.

Quiet Hooves - Buried
Quiet Hooves - Your Troubles

See their Myspace for more info. I don't believe they have anything for sale yet, but I understand recording is underway. If you can shed some light on that in the comments, please do.


Blogger i am said...

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8:48 PM

Blogger Katie said...

the guy in the blue hat looks just like this french-canadian fellow i met while we were both walking across spain. his name is not jean-philippe by any chance? nah, didn't think so.

9:41 PM


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