Wednesday, September 5

New LP from Warm in the Wake

Last week Decatur, Georgia, indie folk/pop act Warm in the Wake unleashed their newest release, American Prehistoric. I've only given it a couple spins so far, but it strikes me as an enjoyable exercise in rootsy pop. Some tunes bounce with whimsical piano and harmonica riffs, while others ride along on big hooks not unlike some of The Me Decade's finest power pop. If you were a fan of Gold Dust Trail (as I was/am), I doubt you'll be disappointed.

You can listen to the entirety of American Prehistoric online, or download a couple tracks here:

Warm in the Wake - American Prehistoric
Warm in the Wake - Devil with a Fist

The album is available from Livewire Recordings, as is their EP.

Fellow lovers of live music should note they are on tour now, and will be responsible for much van abuse through the fall:

9/05 Mohawk, Austin, TX
9/06 Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
9/07 The Cavern, Dallas, TX
9/08 Jack’s Patio Bar, San Antonio, TX
9/12 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
9/14 TBA, San Francisco, CA
9/15 Old Ironsides, Sacramento, CA
9/16 Towne Lounge, Portland, OR
9/18 High Dive, Seattle, WA
9/19 Badlander, Missoula, MT
9/21 Coal Creek Coffee Company, Laramie, WY
9/23 Duffys Tavern, Lincoln, NE
9/26 The Record Bar, Kansas City, MO
10/02 The Basement, Nashville, TN
10/11 Clermont Lounge, Atlanta, GA (with Pistolero)
10/13 Fall For Greenville Festival, Greenville, SC
10/16 Outback Lodge, Charlottesville, VA
10/22 The Annex, New York, NY
10/24 "Indie at The Abbey", Harrisburg, PA
10/26 The Evening Muse, Charlotte, North Carolina
11/09 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
12/01 Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN

Clermont Lounge? Tee-hee.


Blogger theleila said...

Love these guys! They're our cover (Southeast Performer) for September. See, now, it's not a shameless plug cos I genuinely love them, they were my choice for cover and I'm super-excited to have them in the mag =)

4:12 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! Very nice. I still haven't figured out my regular place to pick up Southeast Performer in Athens. Sigh.

4:14 PM

Anonymous mike said...

you can find it at wuxtry records, we get about 50 copies a month.

2:00 AM


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