Saturday, September 8

Best Friends Forever

I am such a sucker for charming, lo-fi indie pop. Luckily for yours truly, Minneapolis band Best Friends Forever offers it up in spades. They're fronted by a couple of fun and spunky gals (and longtime BFFs themselves) who like to sing about innocent love, dancing, and marrying Abraham Lincoln. Not sure what Mary Todd would think of that.

Best Friends Forever - Handpocket [live 89.3 The Current]
Best Friends Forever - My Head in Front of Your Head [live 89.3 The Current]
Best Friends Forever - The BFF Theme Song [from split 7" w/ Everybell]
Best Friends Forever - How BFF Breaks It Off With Movie Stars [from s/t EP]
Best Friends Forever - 2081 [from split cassette with Terrorclops]

They have just released a new record, Romance Conflict Adventure, that is available from No Idea Records (distro catalog) for only $4.75. I haven't heard it yet, but I just ordered mine.

Thanks to MinneapolisFuckingRocks for the songs from The Current. For more on the band, check out the interview they did with Thirsty Thursday.


Blogger Culture Bully said...

they are cute as hell

10:38 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Seriously. "Handpocket" is *adorable*.

12:35 PM


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