Saturday, September 8

Black Lips, Selmanaires, Coathangers at 40 Watt on Sept. 12

My work schedule hasn't allowed me to get out and see much music lately, but I'm going to do my best to make it to the the 40 Watt in Athens on Wednesday (9/12) when three Atlanta bands invade.

There will be buzz aplenty in the room when Black Lips, The Selmanaires, and The Coathangers take over the 40 Watt stage. It's the first night of the extensive Black Lips/Selmanaires tour, and the night before The Coathangers play their own CD release show over in Atlanta. We're so damn spoiled around here.

Black Lips - Not a Problem
Black Lips - Stranger
Black Lips - Katrina
The Selmanaires - Selmanaire Rock
The Selmanaires - In the Direction of Yes
The Selmanaires - Images
The Coathangers - Parking Lot
The Coathangers - Shut the Fuck Up
The Coathangers - Don't Touch My Shit

All three bands for a whopping $7. Can't beat that with a wire hanger.


Blogger Gordon Lamb said...

No wire hangers...EVER!!

2:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That's the ticket.

3:47 PM

Blogger tolar said...

any idea if the coathangers are traveling to nyc with the black lips & selmanaires next tuesday?

3:59 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Hey Rob -- don't think so. They're in New Orleans over the weekend.

6:59 PM

Blogger Au$10 said...

Oh yes. Hope to see you there, sir. Do say hello if you see me drunkenly dancing. Do pick me up if you see me drunkenly passed out.

5:26 PM


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