Sunday, October 7

Capgun Coup - Brought to You by Nebraskafish

Don't ask me what's in Omaha's water, but it remains an unlikely but vibrant home for quality music. One of the newer Nebraska acts to crack the national scene is Capgun Coup. They're signed to the Conor Oberst-affiliated Team Love label and their Brought to You by Nebraskafish is a worthwhile listen, especially for fans of Mangumesque distorted pop or early Bright Eyes.

The record captures a year of recording by the band in which their direction shifted from sparse songs and noise in the direction of pop, and it's often evident which tracks were culled from each period. The gradual development of the record may also contribute to the fact that it's a bit uneven. Much of the material rooted in pop and rock is quite good, while a few other tracks don't quite work in my humble opinion. It's also a darn shame that one of the more accessible songs ("Fucked") has a title that may prevent it from receiving radio play. Still, lots of good stuff here and it sounds like the best captures their most recent direction. A good sign for the future.

Capgun Coup - My Tears Cure Cancer
Capgun Coup - Bobby Chops and the Do-Gooders

You can download more tracks on their Myspace, where you can also view their upcoming tour dates in the (mostly upper) Midwest. The record is available online.


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