Thursday, October 4

Ice Cream Socialists - "Mr. Crazy"

You know that episode of Star Trek where Spock shows up with a goatee and he's evil? I have a feeling that's what happened to Ice Cream Socialists before they recorded "Mr. Crazy." I must say, I'm a fan. These Athens kids are best known for their frenetic pop and twee exercises. This song, however, strays from their hap-hap-happy material even while still incorporating plenty of interesting instrumentation and on-a-dime changes of pace.

You can play this on your porch this Halloween, both demonstrating your good taste and scaring away the sugar-seeking kiddies. That is, unless you're with me at the 40 Watt for Of Montreal.

Ice Cream Socialists - Mr. Crazy

Ice Cream Socialists play the Caledonia Lounge in Athens on October 19.


Blogger Rachel said...

Sweetness! I like it. :-)

6:39 PM

Anonymous Matthew said...

Nice one. Bodes well for new stuff to see them trying something a bit different.

7:33 AM

Anonymous Matthew said...

Actually I think Belles & Missiles is still one of my favourite albums of the year.

7:34 AM

Anonymous Chris hassiotis said...

Andrew Lloyd Weber + Genesis + awesome.

3:11 PM


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