Monday, October 8

Pistolero & Warm in the Wake at Atlanta's Clermont Lounge, October 11

On Thursday night, Atlanta's Pistolero will release a new EP titled Getting Used to Decapitation. The band's Myspace says it's "a concept EP about violence, love, madness, and aging" and a precursor to a double album due several months down the line. These guys aren't shy about showing off the fact they're influenced by '60s pop, psych, and garage so it's no mystery why I'd like 'em.

The show will be at the legendary strip joint Clermont Lounge, which just might accidentally improve its reputation if it keeps booking quality acts.

Pistolero - The Kissing Bandit
Pistolero - From Tacoma [live]

Supporting will be Warm in the Wake, a local band that's garnered a good bit of national attention in the past year.

Warm in the Wake - American Prehistoric

Both have upcoming tour dates which can be found on their respective websites linked above.


Blogger Rachel said...

I was familar with Warm in the Wake but Pistolero is yummy as well! :-)

3:48 PM


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