Tuesday, December 11

Fall semester, be gone!

The fall semester is winding down, and I give my last exam tomorrow. Still have lots of other academic duties for another week or so, but it's nice to see the end is near. I hope your life isn't as crazy as mine right now.

Guided by Voices - Big School
Gert Jan Kole - What Did You Learn in School Today?

Some big personal academic news should follow in about a week...


Blogger alex said...

Amen to the end of a semester. I'll be back in GA 12/23-1/8, and hope to come and visit you in Athens if you'll be there/if there's anything happening there. Maybe I'll see you at the Star Bar for Thee Crucials and Tiger! Tiger! on the 28th or New Years Eve for The Forty-Fives, Gringo Star, The Booze, and El Capitan and Thee Scallywags. See you soon. Maybe.

7:58 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Alex -- sounds good. I'll be in Missouri from about 12/20-12/27 or so and back after that. NYE with The Forty-Fives, etc., is indeed my current plan.

You'll have to tell me all about NY...

8:05 AM

Blogger jeff the intern said...

dude, what's up with this 80 degree weather? my finals are done, but it left me with very little inclination to be anywhere but outside.

10:43 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I'm not complaining. My aunt in Indiana couldn't leave her house the other day because of all the ice on the roads.

Ah, the Midwest. Suckers.

10:51 AM


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