Monday, January 21

Captain America vs. Video Professor

You know that Video Professor guy who has all those late night commercials? He'd love to teach you computers. Really though, you don't need all that (even if his assistant is kinda cute). All you need is one readable copy of Captain America #313, written by Mark Gruenwald and penciled by Paul Neary, from January 1986. The asterisks know all.

Remember when everybody who had a computer looked like that? Those weren't the days.

Later, Ram went on to invent LOLLERSKATES. Hacker!

Bonus mp3: YACHT - I Love a Computer


Anonymous Tim said...

Ram was years ahead of the LOL Cats. My computer. "I'll show you it."

4:43 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I wish his speech had been written entirely in L337 Speak. That would be hilarious.

Or trendsetting, since it prob didn't exist yet in 1986.

7:00 PM


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