Monday, July 28

Dissecting the 'Watchmen' trailer (link)

Do you know what's absolutely incredible? The trailer for next March's Watchmen film, conveniently showing before The Dark Knight, has sparked a huge amount of interest in the source material. So much that Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' masterwork from 1986 shot up to #2 on the Amazon sales chart (as I write this it's #3). Publisher DC Comics has gone so far as to print 200,000 new copies to meet demand. I'm among the number who love the book, so it's nice to see such amazing response to the trailer.

Over at Geekanerd there's an impressive breakdown of the trailer with comparisons to panels from the graphic novel. I know there's some skepticism about this adaptation among fans of the book, but I'm eager to see it.

If Watchmen is new to you, there's a good plot summary at Wikipedia.


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