Thursday, July 24

Rockin' with Wanda Jackson

As I tend to do once in a while, lately I've abandoned most new music in favor of vintage tunes. Leading the charge has been "the queen of rockabilly" herself, good ol' Wanda Jackson. Her Rockin' with Wanda is a terrific collection of 18 cuts from 1956-59, compiling some of the best music that genre has ever produced. With stuff like this playing, it's little wonder why kids a half-century ago danced by the jukebox. Hot dog!

Wanda Jackson - Cool Love
Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop

It's easy to see why Wanda has inspired generations of country, rock, and rockabilly artists. Her influence is even more impressive given her decision to abandon secular music in the early 1970s. If she's new to you, I can't recommend her enough.


Anonymous Dan said...

yeah! wanda jackson is fantastical. I just started listening to her this year and it's definitely one of the best music decisions i've made in a long time.

10:50 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I got back into her again after hearing Cary Fridley praise her on a radio interview. I really need to get my post about Fridley up soon.

11:11 PM

Blogger jonderneathica said...

Wanda is indeed the rockabilly queen. Hopefully you have heard her song "Funnel of Love", which has been covered by many bands (including Atlanta's late great Jody Grind).

10:52 AM


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