Saturday, July 26

'My Name is Bruce' trailer, October 30 release

Bruce Campbell. As himself. Fighting monsters.

The creative team behind My Name is Bruce, in which the above formula takes place, showed some clips at San Diego Comic-Con to assure the world that it is real. Apparently the release of the flick has been delayed because the Dark Horse comics crew decided to throw some more money at the project for additional shooting and production. It is now due for limited release on October 30. "Are you guys ready for some violence?"

The trailer:

Dark Horse will release a My Name is Bruce one-shot on September 3, which is now available for pre-order.

On a related note, Geeks of Doom reports that work on Evil Dead 4 may get underway soon...


Anonymous bill p said...

I still prefer They Call Me Bruce:


12:02 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Bill, first time I've seen that. Wow.

Must. See. Whole. Movie.

1:00 PM


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