Monday, May 22

Destroyer 3-31-2006 @ Variety Playhouse

As I continue converting my recordings from the past several months, I'll be posting them both here (as .mp3 files) and at (in .flac format). Today I'm offering one set from what was a loaded night at Variety Playhouse.

On March 31, the marquee outside the VP was a bit crowded. Mates of State, Destroyer, Magnolia Electric Co., and Maria Taylor each played that night. I got there during the Maria Taylor set (oops!) but did manage to tape the other three acts. Available here now is Destroyer's set. Not my best recording, but it reflects the sound in the venue that night. Was a little "hollow" for my taste. Then again, nobody's yet asked me to quit grad school and be a sound engineer.

One word of warning -- don't worry with the tuning or banter tracks on this one unless you want the show to flow as it was played. Bejar almost never speaks so most of them are 28-48 seconds of dead air and stray notes. So there you go.

March 31, 2006
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA

Taped and converted by Rich Vining

Taping: SP-CMC4's > batt box > Nomad Jukebox 3
Conversion: JB3 > Dell Inspiron 6000 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD WAV > mkwACT

01. Crystal Country
02. tuning
03. European Oils
04. tuning
05. Your Blood
06. tuning
07. A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point
08. It's Gonna Take An Airplane
09. tuning
10. Rubies
11. tuning
12. Streethawk II
13. banter/tuning
14. Looter's Follies

There's a nice bio of Destroyer on the Merge Records site, where you can also purchase their wares. I imagine if you visit the awesome on a regular basis you've seen much about Dan Bejar in the last several months as well.

Lossless enthusiasts, go download the .flac version from here.

Stay tuned. More to come as I continue cleaning up the hard drive...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you end up going to the soco fest thingy? if so, how was it?

7:17 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure did! Big Star was really good, and the Flaming Lips were just awesome. Their stage show has become something to behold at this point. The Lips played "War Pigs" as an encore, which was unexpected and kickass. The videos, aliens, and Santas were great too. Caught The Whigs on the side-stage too. They were really rockin' out. Nice bonus.

7:31 PM

Blogger Culley said...

He does a lot of tuning. :P Seriously though, I had missed this over at DaD, so thanks for pointing it out. And for the work into writing it up and posting it... oh yeah, and recording it!

12:23 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yeah, seriously. Does he always use that much time between songs? It would help if he were chatty in there, but maybe that's not his style? Only time I've seen him live, so I have no idea.

1:00 PM


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