Tuesday, May 16

El Madmo (featuring Norah Jones)

Stereogum, Village Indian, and Gothamist have been all over El Madmo this week, and I admit being left wanting more. Namely, something to hear. Well, guess what? Problem solved.

For those who don't know, El Madmo is the new "punk" (but not so much) project of Norah Jones. Yes, that Norah Jones. Although the hot pictures of Norah in a wig and fishnets (see links above) were enticing, I had no idea what El Madmo sounded like. That is, until someone linked to their MySpace page (which has under 200 views right now, I might add). They had two streaming tracks, which I've captured and decided to liberate. Both are heavy on simple rhymes and sophomoric lyrics, but they're fun. This is clearly Norah goofing off and doing something different. It won't win any Grammys, but it's interesting to hear from her.

El Madmo - Vampire Guy (removed at band request)
El Madmo - Carlo (removed at band request)

El Madmo has a pretty bare homepage/blog, as well as their MySpace page. Neither says a thing about who is actually in the band, but we know...

UPDATE 6:45 AM, 5/17: The band asked me to take down the files, so they're gone. Sorry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well played! Thanks for the heads up. I'm eating this shit up with a spoon.

3:39 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I see these have been pulled from their MySpace page now. Heh. Glad I grabbed 'em when I did.

5:54 PM

Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for this. Fun stuff. Be great for my radio show this week.

7:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great traks, but, dude, you've got to take the Ebony and Ivory thing down. Everytime I log onto your page my quicktime opens up (mac user, incidentally) and, considering this system's a bit on the unstable side, it tends to freeze up for several minutes.

9:03 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Alrighty. First I've heard of it causing problems. I'll go remove it from that post. It's been up long enough anyway.

9:07 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Please don't email me asking for these tracks. The band has asked that I not share them, and I intend to honor that request.

I imagine they'll emerge again when the band is ready.

1:52 PM


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