Tuesday, January 23

Chainestereo - "Magnetic South"

Photo by Katie Bricker

Damn, do I live in a cool place. I recently picked up the debut EP by Atlanta/Athens band Chainestereo (apparently pronounced 'shin-stereo') at Criminal Records, and I've been enjoying it immensely. I haven't seen these guys live yet, but they just played the Confessions of a Music Addict showcase last weekend and I expect they'll continue to get more attention in the future.

I'm told they're a young quartet, and I know they play a catchy brand of garage pop that reminds one of the very bands they list as influential on their MySpace page -- The Kinks, The Pixies, The Replacements, etc.

Given their current EP is a mere 6 tracks and I'd rather not give away too much of it, here's the opener titled "Magnetic South." It's probably a good introduction to them given what I have heard.

Chainestereo - Magnetic South

You can hear additional tracks on their MySpace including the standout "Appomattox" and the unreleased "Zombie Soiree." The digital version of the album and some B-sides are available from Disc Revolt. Hard copies can be purchased from Criminal Records in Atlanta. If you're not in town, you might get ahold of them by phone or email to pick one up. I bet they'll help you out.


Blogger Leah [Not Basic] said...

you have no idea how much it makes me happy that you heart them. they are a genuine group. the anti-rockstars, if you will. you really have to see a live show. i know they're planning on some athens dates as well.

6:36 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'll have to try and see 'em soon either way. I'm still in ATL at the moment so hopefully I will have more chances.

7:07 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

So I was just putting together a post, which includes mention of the very cool Chainestereo...I was going to use Magnetic South as my sample track but alas since you beat me to the punch I will pick another delicious track.

Who knew Georgia produced such great music? I sure as hell didn't but holy shit every other new band I hear is freaking from Georgia. LA is not even in the same ball-park.

10:41 PM

Blogger Rich said...

There's more where these guys came from. Atlanta and Athens are pretty special that way. :)

2:04 AM


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