Friday, March 10

Velcro Stars / Black Lips / Cordalene

I said I'd try to preview a few of the lesser-known bands in Atlanta this weekend, so here ya go. Last night's Wilco show in Athens and my sleeping in today have left me a bit short on time, so I'll have to offer an abridged profile for each. I'll certainly try to give more attention to some of these acts in the future:

The Velcro Stars

The Velcro Stars are a quintet from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They play catchy pop/rock with overtones of Superchunk or Rock-A-Teens, although they can be more punky or poppy than either. The band utilizes both male and female lead vocals, providing welcome diversity within their sound. They are currently in search of a label to distribute their forthcoming LP titled Hiroshima's Revenge. They sent me an advance copy of the CD, so here are a few tracks for you to check out:

The Velcro Stars - B-Side of Love

The Velcro Stars - Like a Storm
The Velcro Stars - Another Winter

The Velcro Stars play at Lenny's on Memorial Drive tonight, March 10.


The Black Lips

The Black Lips are Atlanta locals and have earned a reputation as a hard-charging garage/thrash/psychedelic/punk band. They recently released their third album, Let it Bloom, which consists of 16 tracks you'd think might have been snipped directly from Rhino's Nuggets compilations. Their sound is raw, but manages to remain interesting. Their current album is Let It Bloom on In the Red Records.

The Black Lips - Gentle Violence

The Black Lips - Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah

They're at the Drunken Unicorn on Ponce de Leon Ave. (next to MJQ) tonight, March 10.



Cordalene is a quartet from Philadelphia that has been playing together for a few years now. They're a rock band, and the tunes I've sampled are bright, punchy, and infectious. They've shared the stage with Weezer, Phantom Planet, Ben Lee, Rooney, and others. They have also recently completed their forthcoming LP, The Star Ledger, to be released on Dalloway Records.

Cordalene - Kissed Awake

Cordalene - Underwear

They're at the 10 High in Atlanta (under the Dark Horse on Highland) on Saturday night, March 11.

Official Site.

I have also just been informed that The Instruments and The Gerbils (both of the E6 ilk) will be playing at Little Kings in Athens tonight. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- this weekend is ridiculous. Wow.


Blogger Au$10 said...

Not to quibble with you, but I don't think Black Lips qualify as "lesser known." Just sayin...

8:07 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Well, nationally. No? Perhaps my perspective is skewed because I think of them as local.

9:06 PM

Anonymous janet said...

Finally got around to listening to Cordalene just now... "Kissed Awake" is a GREAT track! Good call with that one. I might borrow it for my show's free mp3 of the week tomorrow... you'll get full on-air credit of course. :)

2:57 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Oh, neato. Radio love for C&T.

I fully encourage such behavior. ;)

11:00 PM


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