Sunday, October 15

Off to Albany

Well, I'm off to Albany, New York, first thing in the morning. Be back on Wednesday. No updates between now and then.

If anybody has any feelings one way or another about Albany, do tell. I'm going up there for a job interview, so I'd be curious what folks with similar interests think of the area. Looks like there's plenty of free wi-fi available, so that's good. Cost of living looks almost identical to Atlanta. Any thoughts on local life, music, politics, etc.?

Have a great week, y'all.

One more thing: Worst Halloween costume ever? [via Fark]


Blogger Joel Moore said...

Go show 'em what being a judicial rockstar is all about!

Best of luck.

5:37 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Why, thank ya. Ride to the airport's here in 15 minutes. Here goes nothing.

6:52 AM

Blogger Van Edwards said...

Had to go to Albany, NY for a week in the mid-90s. I thought it was a dirty dump of a city. But that just may be where I was. Maybe they've cleaned it up since then. And I'm not fond of cold, cold weather either. The Adirondaks are beautiful, though.

9:46 AM

Blogger Robert said...

I moved to Atlanta from Albany in the late nineties. While I can't speak to the state of Albany now, I can say that my move was motivated by opportunity. The economy in upstate New York is not nearly as good as the one in Atlanta, and so the job opportunities here in Atlanta are much better. Second, I don't have to deal with several feet of snow. Albany's cultural scene was pretty good for a city of its size, but Atlanta is just much bigger, and so has more to offer on that front.

3:01 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I should drop a caveat here: staying in Atlatna isn't an option. I'm in grad school in a field with only a handful of open jobs nationwide , and none of them are in Atlanta. So I gotta leave. Just a matter of where I go.

6:02 PM

Anonymous baby said...

Good, good luck. I've never been to Albany, but I imagine that there is snow, which I want. You see, I live in Portland and it's pretty much all rain and not much else. I hope it works out.

cheers, baby

6:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

think of it this way - at least you'll be close to schenectady...

12:20 AM

Blogger Steve said...

Haven't spent much time there, but downtown Albany is one of the fugliest things I've ever seen.

That said, you wouldn't be far from some decent skiing (for the East Coast, that is), and you'd be about 45 minutes to the stunningly beautiful Saratoga Springs.

6:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:30 AM


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