Tuesday, October 10

Vic Conrad & the First Third

I've been listening to an album tonight that I thought my usual readers might enjoy. It's the self-titled debut from Vic Conrad & the First Third, released by Hidden Agenda/Elephant 6 in 2003. While I wouldn't characterize the band as a member of the Elephant 6 cohort, it's not hard to see where this project relates to the E6 stable musically. They deal in a similar brand of psych-pop bliss/oddity. Don't be fooled though; they're from Australia, not Athens.

Vic Conrad & the First Third - People Who Care
Vic Conrad & the First Third - See My Way

The album is available for under $10 from Tonevendor. I understand that Vic Conrad used to the frontman for an Australian pop group called The Garden Path. Anybody happen to have any of that on file? I'd like to check it out. Anybody know what he's up to now? I'm not exactly up on the Australian pop scene.

Idiotic trivia fact: I have copies of this album on both CD and vinyl, but completely by accident. They have different covers, and I didn't realize they were the same thing at the time. Genius!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The garden path?


12:31 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nice! Thanks a bunch.

The Internet is the bestest.

4:35 PM


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