Monday, October 9

Kim Jong-il needs a hug

Well, look who must have been feeling unloved. It seems that North Korea's creepy, megalomaniacal, Norfin troll-looking dictator Kim Jong-il likely ordered a nuclear test this morning that has triggered a global backlash. Now if only the powers-that-be had seen Team America: World Police years ago they would have seen this coming. I'll refrain from further commentary at the moment, as I doubt I have much to say that you can't read on Daily Kos.

Since Kim Jong-il is in the spotlight today, I've decided to feature his sad lament from the aforementioned Team America.

Kim Jong-il - I'm So Ronery [from the Team America: World Police Soundtrack]

Buy the Team America soundtrack from Amazon. Derka derka. Derka derk.


C&T friend has a new interview with The Decemeberists online. Worth a read.


Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

koreans are so hot right now.

3:04 PM

Blogger Baby said...

In light of the fact that Team America is one of the most culturally insensitive films of our time, I still think it's a marvel. Thanks for the song. Classic.

cheers, Baby

11:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Culturally insensitive? Surely you jest.

But, jeez, is it ever hilarious.

11:43 PM


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