Friday, October 20

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Gold Lion" @ Criminal

For those who made (or missed) the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in-store at Criminal, I found a vid from their performance of "Gold Lion" linked from the website of Criminal Records. Here it is, courtesy of YouTube:

Locals note that you can see Steve next to Karen O holding a mask with her face on it. Surreal.

If you shot this, speak up... and thanks!

Remember that kickass Criminal Records anniversary party is coming up on 10/26. Woohoo!

As an aside, I've been informed that Filter named this one of the top 5 blogs whose name sounds like a Decemberists song title. I guess I'll take that.


Blogger Tessa said...

Haha. Like you didn't expect to Steve front row? ;)

Haha. Congrats on the Filter thing?

10:03 AM

Blogger Rich said...


If it means anything to ya, Drive a Faster Car could well be a Van Halen song title. Rock!

1:08 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

Ha ha...everyone seems to know Steve!

BTW, Kim Glenn shot the video. She tapes a lot of the Criminal in-stores. She's a media nerd. ;-)

I read the Decemberists song title thing on Tessa's DAFC earlier today. This is getting incestuous!

And referring to the above post, yes, that photo of the Shins is hella cute.

5:52 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

I sent that video to Steve and he actually sounded embarrassed about it...

11:47 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, no need to be embarassed. He's a celebrity. :)

12:21 AM


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