Thursday, October 5

Leonard Nimoy - "I Walk the Line"

This is a post for that key outlaw country/science fiction demographic. I know you're out there.

So apparently during one of the USS Enterprise's many time travel adventures, Mr. Spock managed to mind-meld with The Man in Black. I'm not aware of the particulars, but I imagine it was one hell of an evening. Spock probably went to town on his Vulcan lute while Johnny played his acoustic guitar. I'll stop there, because I feel like I'm writing some insane fan fiction that ends with Charlie Daniels and Commander Data having a fiddle duel in the Holodeck. Regardless, here's Leonard Nimoy's... uh.. interesting take on the Johnny Cash classic "I Walk the Line." You know you're curious:

Leonard Nimoy - I Walk the Line

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If anybody has a bootleg of Mark Hamill covering some Hank Williams, hook me up.


Blogger Ravi Ahmad said...

"that key outlaw country/science fiction demographic"

...that would be me :)

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