Tuesday, November 7

The Daily Show on the mid-terms (and a couple tunes)

From The Daily Show in 2002...

Funny how some things change, and some... don't. The mid-terms sure as hell matter this year.

Note that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be co-hosting The Midterm Midtacular election coverage tonight on Comedy Central at 11pm EST. Schedule here.

Here are a couple politically-minded tunes for election day:

Eddie Vedder - I am a Patriot (live) [Little Steven cover]
Billy Bragg - No Power Without Accountability (live)

So, did you vote yet? If not, go get your vote on. One way or the other, it's gonna be an exciting night!


Blogger Chris said...

Voted. Thanks for the links, as always. Glad the school stuff's not overwhelming you at the moment.

11:10 PM


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