Sunday, December 3

Threadless $10 holiday sale

The Threadless $10 holiday sale is winding down this week, although they're still putting up new styles every day. I've picked up a few fun holiday gifts from them so far. I also got the design to the left for myself. I'd been waiting on them to reprint that damn thing for months.

So, I've managed to buy two T-shirts, three books, and the new Norfolk & Western album today while I've been home working. Yikes. I'm a big fan of e-commerce and all, but I better slow my roll.

Remember when you had to leave the house to shop? Such a primitive notion...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta, but don't know much about Atlanta Rap.

I'll forward this link to a couple of friends who do.

Good luck! Love the blog!

10:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! I totally posted this on the wrong one!

10:29 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That's alright. Message received. :)

10:51 PM


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