Wednesday, January 24

The Dears & Annuals at Variety Playhouse on Friday

The Dears


This Friday night at Variety Playhouse promises to be one heck of a show. Montreal's The Dears and Raleigh, North Carolina, band Annuals share the stage. By all accounts, both are great live bands touring to support very good albums. The Dears' Gang of Losers and Annuals' Be He Me each hit U.S. shelves back in October. Annuals also release a UK-only EP titled Big Zeus next Monday (1/29).

The pop/rock stylings of The Dears conjure thoughts of Blur or The Smiths at times, but also incorporate interesting instrumentation and soaring crescendos. Pitchfork name-dropped Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, and Animal Collective to characterize the sound of Annuals. While I'm not inclined to such hyperbole, they do strike me as a saner, more polished version of Ace Fu labelmates Man Man. However you want to describe them, I'll be there.

The Dears - Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe [from No Cities Left]
Annuals - Brother [from Be He Me]

Tickets to the Variety Playhouse show are available online.

Tour dates for both The Dears and Annuals are online at their respective sites.


Blogger Roland said...

I saw them last Friday, great stuff, photos and such here. Is Pilot Speed still opening?

6:36 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I guess not. No mention of it on the VP's site or on Pilot Speed's homepage.

6:49 PM

Blogger Brandon said...

annuals are bad favorite new band from sxsw 2006...and they're so freakin' young! should be a good show...

12:42 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I'm looking forward to it. Gonna be my first local show of a loaded next several days.

Oh, and C&T's first birthday is at the end of the month too. Heh.

12:55 PM


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