Monday, February 19

Anna Kramer and my exhausting weekend

I'm tempted to write a recap of what I did last weekend, but the prospect is a bit overwhelming. I saw a total of eleven bands over three days, and really enjoyed most of them. That said, only two of them I hadn't seen before. My agenda was stacked with local favorites. Here's the list, for those who care:

Summerbirds in the Cellar & How I Became the Bomb (Smith's, 2/16)
The Close & The Preakness (The EARL, 2/16)
Moresight, Cassavetes, The Selmanaires (Star Bar, 2/17)
Slushco, El Capitan and Thee Scaliwags, Thee Crucials, Anna Kramer (Alex's birthday bash, 2/18)

Lots of highlights to speak of, but probably the most important was seeing Shannon Mulvaney playing bass once again with Anna Kramer. Shannon reports that the cancer is in retreat, his health is improving, and he should be going full-speed again in the near future. This is, simply put, terrific news. He and the band played a killer set at Alex's birthday event, and will appear at The EARL on May 2 with Uncle Monk -- the bluegrass band of one Tommy Ramone. You may have heard of his prior band.

I quizzed Anna Kramer a bit about the progress of her new material, and was told that recording is well underway and some songs simply await mastering. The new album will feature her current band, including Adam Renshaw (ex-Forty Fives) and Mulvaney (ex-Magnapop), as well as members of Gringo Star. It will also feature a rockin' new version of "All Those Pretty Things" that reflects how the song has been played live for the last year or so rather the sweet-sounding country version on her debut release.

From her self-titled CD:
Anna Kramer - I Can't Take It
Anna Kramer - All Those Pretty Things

A demo of one of the new tracks:
Anna Kramer - See My Lover (demo)

You can purchase Anna Kramer's current release from the fine people at Joe Rockhead or your favorite Atlanta-area indie retailer.


Blogger Ekko said...

Just thought I'd tell you--your blog is turning into one of the best in the area. Great, great stuff.


3:42 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Thanks Ekko!

And thanks for the reminder on your change to Wordpress. Looks like I've neglected to update my link 'til now.

5:33 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

We can tell our grandchildren we were there! I'm really glad we got to enjoy such amazing performances!

11:58 PM

Blogger J said...

holy crap the star bar was rockin' saturday night!

9:04 AM

Blogger Joe Baine said...

Hey man. Really enjoyed meeting you on Saturday. I've admired your work from a distance for a little while now, so it's good to finally meet the man himself.

Stay in touch & come see us in Nashville soon.

4:10 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Amy -- grandchildren? Agh! I don't even have a fish.

J & Joe -- yes indeed. Best I've seen from Moresight, nice set from Cassavetes, and then The Selmanaires blow the roof off the place. Like 'em with that fourth member too.

11:56 AM

Anonymous Lillian said...

"Like 'em with that fourth member too."

Awww. That would be sweet lil' Mathis Hunter from Good Friday Experiment, and Tommy's co-worker at Aurora Coffee. Tommy says Mathis will be touring with the Selmanaires on their upcoming jaunt through the states. Just yesterday, I found out that Mathis was also in Quadiliacha in the early 90's. That's probably only surprising to me. Aaaanyway, it was good seeing you at the Black Lips in-store last night. They were great. Fun show, although picking up beer cans in the rain wasn't exactly fun at the end of the night. Bleargh!

And, yeah, we're reeeeeal happy to have Shannon back. Hooray!

3:46 PM

Blogger alex said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:31 PM

Blogger alex said...

Hey, I took that photo. I almost didn't recognize it as one of mine. Cool.

Here's photos from that party

9:35 PM


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