Sunday, February 18

Black Lips this week in Birmingham, Atlanta, Athens

Atlanta's Black Lips are gonna be out and about quite a bit this week. The band's new live-in-Tijuana release on Vice, Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo, hits shelves on Tuesday. That evening at 7pm they play at Atlanta's Criminal Records to celebrate. The in-store show is free, of course, and it's sure to be entertaining.

The rest of the week sees them in Birmingham (2/22), Atlanta (2/23), and Athens (2/24) before taking off for Europe. Full tour details are available on their Myspace page.

From Los Valientes del Mundo:
Black Lips - Stranger (live)
Black Lips - Not a Problem (live)

From prior releases:
Black Lips - I've Got a Knife
Black Lips - Oh Katrina

You can order the new Black Lips release from Vice Recordings.


Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Rich, you taping any of these? I'll be at Whirlyball and the Watt.

12:46 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Nope -- I have other shows in mind for each of these nights and I prob wouldn't drive to B'ham anyway.

I am prob gonna tape the Criminal event though, as long as I can get home and back to L5P in time. As I write this I'm in Virginia Highlands but my gear is at my place in Decatur. Should have brought it with today but forgot.

1:22 PM

Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Crap, I didn't realize that was today. My gear is in Va-Hi, but I'm not. Doh!

4:19 PM


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