Thursday, February 15

Local stars on Rob's House Records

A good number of Atlanta rock bands have been getting widespread press as of late. While such acts' recent albums sometimes garner attention from online media and college radio, few folks outside of Atlanta may be aware of related (and limited) releases on Rob's House Records. Specifically, Rob's House has issued solo 7" singles featuring members of local bands The Selmanaires, Deerhunter, Black Lips, and Gringo Star (among others). Here are sample tracks from each:

Herb Harris (of The Selmanaires) - Blurry Vision
Jason Harris (of The Selmanaires) - Carroll Street Caprice
Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter) - Magic Lotion
Cole Alexander (of Black Lips) - Full Moon
Jude Stevens (aka Pete DeLorenzo of Gringo Star) - Running into the Side of a Mountain

You can buy these releases and others including works from Nikki Sudden, Anna Kramer, The Selmanaires, Mudcat, and Thee Crucials directly from Rob's House. I'd have included Black Lips and Deerhunter on the list, but it looks like those releases are currently sold out. Oh, and for the record... of course Nikki Sudden isn't from Atlanta. We would, however, have claimed him in a heartbeat.

The Selmanaires play at Atlanta's Star Bar on Saturday night (2/17) with Cassavetes and Moresight. I should be there taping, so say hey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

those 7"s are all great. and now, you can get a repressed version of the black lips 7" on die slaugherhaus records.

3:41 PM


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