Wednesday, February 21

How I Became the Bomb 2-16-2007 @ Smith's Olde Bar

As noted in other recent posts, among the shows I caught last weekend was a set by Murfreesboro's How I Became the Bomb. As this set was part of an ASCAP showcase, I had some concerns that the band would be met with an aloof response by the industry-heavy crowd. Those fears, thankfully, were not realized.

The Bomb played a spirited but brief set including several tracks from Let's Go! and two new songs. Luckily, the recording turned out pretty well too despite my taping from the venue's back wall. Might as well share, huh?

How I Became the Bomb
February 16, 2007
Smith's Olde Bar - Atlanta, GA

01. Kneel Before Zod
02. Minute Romance
03. Sleeper [new song]
04. crowd/banter
05. Ladykiller [new song]
06. Killing Machine
07. Bar Song
08. banter
09. Secret Identity

If there's demand for a lossless version, please do let me know.

For more on The Bomb, see their Myspace. You can buy their current EP, Let's Go!, from the band.


Anonymous Todd said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting (and apparently recording) this. They were the best act of the night by far.

8:18 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Not a problem. Yep, I taped. The Athens show a couple weeks ago might have been better, but it was in a smaller venue with lots of energy and people singing along. Fun, fun, fun.

8:26 PM

Blogger misty said...

The Atlanta show was terrific! Jonburr was channeling Oscar Wilde. I will be looking for the lavendar suit in the future. It was a freakin' great show and I am waiting for their return to Atlanta!

9:47 PM

Blogger Caleb said...


12:57 AM

Anonymous CC said...

Thanks a lot for providing the show for us, and for contacting me and letting me know you taped it!

Would have been nice to been there =)

11:17 AM

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