Tuesday, May 29

AthFest in your pocket

As I've mentioned here recently, this year's AthFest takes place June 20-24 in Athens, Georgia. The lineup is extensive and can be found online, including such acts as Cars Can Be Blue, Casper & the Cookies, Cinemechanica, Dark Meat, Dexateens, Drive-By Truckers, The Good Ship, Zach Gresham (of Summer Hymns), King of Prussia, M Coast, Madeline, Bain Mattox, Modern Skirts, Murder Beach, Russian Spy Camera, Tin Cup Prophette, Velcro Stars, Venice is Sinking, Warm in the Wake, We Versus the Shark, The Whigs, and Zoroaster. Uh, and that's rather incomplete. Yeesh.

Each year in conjunction with the festival Ghostmeat Records releases a compilation CD of artists participating in the festivities. The AthFest 2007 collection includes the following:

01. Athens Boys Choir - Athens, GA*
02. Now It's Overhead - Walls^
03. M Coast - Aurora
04. Nana Grizol - Circles 'Round The Moon*
05. Liz Durrett - Far From Home*
06. Sleepy Horses - Lubbock Love Song
07. King of Prussia - Misadventures Of The Campaign Kids
08. Down with the Woo - Learn To Street Fight*
09. The Renegadez - I Ain't Wit Dat
10. Nelo - Jumping Bean*
11. Music Hates You - So Much Dirt In My Spotless Lab*
12. Tin Cup Prophette - Go Dig My Grave
13. Bloodkin - Night School*
14. Travis Williams - Stand Up*
15. Dark Meat - Tower*
16. Kimberley Morgan & the Everlovin' Band - Glory*
17. Mikey Dwyer - Into The Night*
18. Beyond Tomorrow - Here We Go Again
19. The Empties - Oh My God*
20. The Lovenotes Family - They Gon' Love Us*

*previously unreleased
^first time on CD

It's a pretty nifty comp, and 14 of the 20 tracks are exclusive. You can order the compilation from AthensMusic.Net. Proceeds from the sales benefit AthFest, Inc., which is a non-profit organization that supports the Athens music and arts scene.

Bonus tunes from AthFest participants:

Casper & the Cookies - Sid from Central Park
Cars Can Be Blue - I Used to Think [not safe for work]
Cars Can Be Blue - Dirty Song [NOT SAFE FOR WORK!]
Dark Meat - Angel of Meth
Drive-By Truckers - Carl Perkins' Cadillac
M Coast - Sail Around the World
Madeline - I Left the Light On
Russian Spy Camera - Svengali What's the Caper
Summer Hymns - Start Swimming
Tin Cup Prophette - Going Numb
Velcro Stars - Brand New
Venice is Sinking - Undecided

Now to figure out which days I'm gonna head over for the festival...


Anonymous Jayne said...

Just come to all of the days!

2:07 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! Hey, I don't live there *yet*. I know 6/21 I'll prob be at Black Keys/Dino Jr. Otherwise I'm leaning toward Friday right now:

Murder Beach
King of Prussia
Tin Cup Prophette
Venice is Sinking
Modern Skirts

Not bad...

2:13 PM

Blogger Sloan Simpson said...

Looks like you're covering some stuff I can't tape, excellent :) See you at the Tab too.

10:24 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Some will depend on the schedule, mostly the time that Madeline will be on stage at 40 Watt. Right now it's still TBA.

10:28 PM


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