Friday, May 25

"A Journey Through Athens Music" with Jeff Tobias

Hat tip to The Day Jobs for pointing this out.

Athens musician Jeff Tobias of Dark Meat and We Versus the Shark has produced an 8 minute video titled "A Journey Through Athens Music." Tobias tours many of the prominent venues in town (The 40 Watt, Georgia Theatre, Caledonia Lounge, Tasty World), and briefly profiles several Athens bands (REM, B-52's, Pylon, etc.) and landmarks. Worth a look whether you're a local or you'd just like to learn a bit more about what I'm always rambling about.

Well done, Jeff! Note that the piece has an original soundtrack by Athens' own Allison Weiss, who is also credited for production.

Watch for the five-finger discount at Wuxtry...


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