Friday, May 25

Initial Corndogorama info revealed...

As has been the subject of considerable local chatter, the annual Corndogorama festival is moving this year from its long-time home at The EARL over to the new Lenny's location. I've heard a lot of mixed feeling about this, and I suppose I'll wait until the event before making a judgment. Regardless, organizer Dave Railey has released some initial info on this year's event (via the Lenny's website)...

It is the 11th year of the FEST, the dates are 7/12-7/15, this year's theme is the Year 2112: STICK to the Future, it'll be held at Lenny's with 3 stages, 2 indoor and 1 outside underneath a tent. It'll be 60 bands over a 4 day peroid, with bands such as vietnam [atlanta], the selmainaires, Fiend without a face, dropsonic, the life and times, 5-8, Mastodon, the coathangers, day mars ray, ancient Chinese secret, Caddle, the graboids, all the saints, bluegrass, country, dj's like klever, jeff myers from jazz space+bass, chim chim, brian paris, sars, corvette and CSX, Personalities like the suicide girls, sassparilla the singing guerilla, roller boogie baby, corny huskadero, and of course, MC Rotnee.

With events like the first ever corn dog wrestle off, the Beer Factor Olympics, tricycle race, the Corn dog Challenge eating contest, The Queen Corn dog pageant, and the heavy metal petting zoo, dunk tank, the mystery touching booth, & introducing Beachparty2112: bringin' the beach to the city-brought to you by Faster Mustache and Walter Krunkite. For food, of course we'll have the corn dog couple Amanda & Jeff with their secret recipe of jalapeno corn dogs (veggie if you prefer), Ria's bluebird wiil be catering the event with their brand new smoker. cotton candy, lemonade, funnell cakes, & many adult beverages. Also, an artist market, booths by various sponsors, including Atlantis Hydroponics, Pine on-line Magazine, SUPER DELUXE from Cartoon Network, German Wines by DMR Imports, & a Tuaca tiki hut + surprises + prizes.


Hopefully more details will emerge in the near future, and the lineup will be expanded. Going by Dave's count, the note above only mentions about 25% of the bands. I don't care much about the spectacle/food/contests aspect of the whole thing. I guess Mastodon is the big act, but I'm not personally interested in them. We shall see...


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