Friday, May 25

Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers 5-23-2007 @ The EARL (audio, yo)

I already posted a few songs from the Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers show at The EARL, but here's the whole set. I don't suppose it's necessary to repeat my review -- this was a really nice set by a fine artist.

You can download the full show in lossless (.flac) format from The Traders' Den (requires BitTorrent).... or.... you can grab the full show as .mp3 files from Sendspace (117mb). In addition, several individual tracks can be sampled below. Note that if you grabbed the tracks from the review post, these are different files. Enjoy!

Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers
May 23, 2007 - The EARL, Atlanta, GA

Taping: SP-CMC-4's > batt box > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3
Conversion: JB3 > USB > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CD Wave > dbPowerAmp > .mp3

Pink Light
Wandering Kind
Parisian Dream
Cast a Hook
Song My Friends Taught Me [Laura solo]
Wind is Blowing Stars [Laura solo]
Ocean Night Song
Drink Deep
To the Country [with Ashley Eriksson of Lake]
Black-Eyed Susan
Black Butterfly
Don't Lose Yourself
- encore -
Secret Someones

Entire show with Eli Moore of Lake on bass; Lake opened

Please let me know if the torrent acts up. Note that I won't be able to seed much (if at all) during the day, so hopefully some other seeders will jump on.

By the way, for those who are interested... the Roger Waters show from Atlanta on Sunday night (5/22) is also available on The Traders' Den. If that's your bag, have at it.


Anonymous scott said...


12:51 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Sure thing. Hope ya like. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. :)

4:54 PM

Anonymous amy said...

Thanks for the hook-up!

6:53 PM

Blogger woj said...

just adding my voice to the chorus of thanks. grabbed the mp3s for instant gratification but gonna get the flacs too. wooo! laura! wooo!

9:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a nuisance but neither format is available any more. Any chance you could sendspace the mp3s again?

3:53 PM


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