Friday, May 25

Bonnaroo schedule announced

Man, have I been waiting for this day. The schedule for Bonnaroo has been released. I'm sure I'll be going over this thing in detail soon, but an initial glance reveals the following...

Looks like The National will be the big act on Thursday night for me. Tool headlines on Friday with Cold War Kids in the afternoon and then Lily Allen, The Roots, and Black Keys on different stages almost simultaneously. I think Black Keys are gonna win that one.

The Police and Flaming Lips each play Saturday... wow. That day also has some real conflicts that are a bit irritating. Both Gogol Bordello/Regina Spektor/Annuals and Spoon/Ween will be on different stages at the same time. Crap.

Sunday is a mess -- The Decemberists, Wilco, Feist, and The White Stripes will be on various stages from 4:30-8:30 with some overlap. Nifty. Sunday's headliner is Widespread Panic though, which means I'll get to beat the traffic out.

The comedy tents are stacked -- Lewis Black and David Cross on both Thursday and Friday, and then Dave Attell and Demitri Martin on both Saturday and Sunday.

Just a few weeks 'til the festivities kick off June 14 in Manchester, Tennessee. Woo!


Blogger gnomead said...

"Sunday's headliner is Widespread Panic though, which means I'll get to beat the traffic out."


3:39 PM

Anonymous Lillian said...

FYI, in case anyone reading this doesn't already have tickets, we're giving away a pair of Bonnaroo tickets at Criminal Records again this year.

Also, Rich, I tried replying to your e-mail about the 2nd printing of the Whirlyball 7" but my messages kept getting bounced back. :( Anyway, the answer is yes, they are mailorderable from us.

2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Widespread Panic = beat the traffic! Ah Shucks,I still like to read C/T. Would have been a triple W Sunday for me. Oh well....

5:02 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ya, just never been a fan. I was into Phish and Day by the River, but WSP has never done it for me.

5:04 PM


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