Monday, May 28

Andrew Bird 4-16-2007 @ Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

As I noted after returning home from it, Andrew Bird's Nashville appearance last month was one of my favorite shows this year. I've been sitting on the tape since the show (not literally, mind you) and have just gotten around to converting it. Bird (vocals, violin, guitar, whistling) took the stage alongside Martin Dosh (drums) and Jeremy Ylvisaker (bass), and the show also featured a guest appearance by drummer Patrick Callahan of My Morning Jacket on "Fake Palindromes." And it was good.

The recording turned out pretty well, but I'll note that the dynamics of Bird's performance make some moments pretty quiet. He's also soft-spoken on stage, so the banter between tracks is sometimes difficult to hear. The full show is available below as .mp3 files, or from the Live Music Archive in lossless (.flac) format.

Andrew Bird
April 16, 2007 - Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

Source: SP-CMC4s > battery box > Creative Nomad JB3
Lineage: JB3 > Gateway MT6541 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD Wave > dbPowerAmp > .flac

01. instrumental intro
02. Imitosis
03. banter
04. Fiery Crash
05. Spare-Ohs
06. banter
07. Dear Dirty
08. banter
09. Heretics
10. banter
11. Plasticities
12. banter
13. Simple X
14. Armchairs
15. banter
16. Fake Palindromes [with Patrick Callahan of MMJ]
17. banter
18. Don't Be Scared
19. Skin Is, My
20. banter
21. Scythian Empire
22. applause
- encore -
23. Why?

I'm sure Janet, Tessa, and The Falconer will be glad I finally got around to this. Now to get Mr. Bird to schedule some of those rumored fall dates here in Atlanta/Athens...


Anonymous mjrc said...

thanks for this.

i wish he would've played spare-ohs at the show i saw. he did play nervous tic motion, with the comment that it had been so long since he'd been in philadelphia that he wanted to play more older stuff. so we got measuring cups and table and chairs (my favorite) instead of armchairs and spare-ohs. i'm not complaining, though.

9:14 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Other than "Nervous Tic" the song I wish he'd played was "Dark Matter." Ah well.

9:27 PM

Blogger spencer said...

this is excellent.

2:37 AM

Blogger Emily said...

I have quite a collection of live Andrew Bird, but this very well may become my new favorite. Absolutely gorgeous.

10:20 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Wow Emily, that's great to hear. :)

Not that I was on stage or anything, but I'm glad to know people are enjoying the tape.

1:25 PM


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