Monday, May 21

My Brightest Diamond, Rasputina coming to ATL on Aug. 1

A couple of days ago, I thought about posting an alert regarding Rasputina's upcoming show at Vinyl (August 1) but was thwarted by a fruitless search for easily accessible mp3 files. There has, however, been a development in the meantime -- My Brightest Diamond has joined that bill. Neat.

After seeing My Brightest Diamond grace the stage at the Fox last September, it will be quite a change to see Shara Worden & co. on the small stage at Vinyl. It's unclear to me at this point whether she or cello-rockers Rasputina will be opening, but I don't suppose it matters much (UPDATE: Looks like MBD is the opener).

My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End
My Brightest Diamond - Disappear
Rasputina - Saline the Salt Lake Queen [live]
Rasputina - Hunter's Kiss [live]

I'd share something from the My Brightest Diamond remix album, but I pretty much despise remix albums and don't wish to encourage the practice. So there.

The full slate of My Brightest Diamond/Rasputina dates is up at Pitchfork.


Blogger shane said...

with you on the remix albums. but there's at least one amazing track on that one - the dm stith remix of gone away. it's really well down.

7:06 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Thx, shane. I'll go see if I can find it on the Hype Machine.

7:11 PM


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