Wednesday, May 30

No postage required

Lots of quality new tunes in the mailbox lately that I hate to overlook. Here's a sampler of the goods...

Ryan Adams - Two [uh, Ryan Adams]
Morningbell - The Speed of God [throwback pop]
John P. Strohm - Sha La [power pop]
Wooden Wand - Delia [gothic folk]
Kurt Hagardorn - You Are My Girl [country-tinged indie pop]
Meowskers - Colors That Lie! [piano/fuzz extravaganza]
The Cobbs - Say You Never Knew Me [indie garage]
Morning State - Retreat!!! [hooky indie rock]
Favourite Sons - Pistols & Girls [big beat/gothic revival]
Acute - The City [alt-pop]
The Electric Soft Parade - If That's the Case, Then I Don't Know [alt-rock]

Some nice stuff, eh? If only I had time to post about everything...

On an unrelated note, the heroes at Adult Swim are airing a Robot Chicken Star Wars special on June 17. If you've seen their collect call from Darth Vader to the Emperor or verbal showdown between Luke and his father, you know The Force is strong with this one.


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