Tuesday, May 29

The Phoenix Foundation

Timing is a very funny thing. Just yesterday Alex sent me to check out the website of Eagle vs. Shark, a promising comedic film from New Zealand that will begin playing in the U.S. next month. I noticed the music on the site and liked it, but couldn't figure out just who it was. Today I was contacted about The Phoenix Foundation, the very same band that wrote and performed the film's score. Well, how about that?

The Phoenix Foundation are an indie rock outfit from Wellington, New Zealand. It appears they've been critically praised in their home country, and a little snooping reveals that Spin gave them some love last week. They are visiting the U.S. to support both Eagle vs. Shark and their album Horsepower, now available from Young American Recordings. These guys play an interesting brand of indie rock, flavored by folk-pop, Brit-pop, and even New Wave -- they strike me as somewhere in the neighborhood between Austin's Peel and Decatur's Warm in the Wake. I imagine they won't have much trouble finding an American audience.

I'm sure this is all old news to the New Zealanders out there, but they're new to me...

The Phoenix Foundation - Going Fishing
The Phoenix Foundation - Sister Risk
The Phoenix Foundation - Let Me Die a Woman

For more info and American tour dates, see their official website.


Blogger sophie said...

Hey, so great that you sharing the awesomeness of these guys - they are so amazing and so great live.

A few of the guys also have some fantastic side/solo projects - Luke Buda has a solo album 'Special Surprise' and Samuel Flynn Scott has 'The Hunt Brings us Life'.

Plus Luke is also in Fly My Pretties - which is kind of a collective of some of NZ's new great musicians, well worth a look if you like Phoenix Foundation's stuff.

but yeah, love the band, love the songs, thanks!

9:10 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Wow, thanks for the info!

9:19 PM

Blogger Ryan said...

Good stuff. And I'm guessing these guys were MacGyver fans growing up.

9:58 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I so did not get that reference. Good call.

11:16 AM

Blogger Alison said...

For the record, Sam was in the first two incarnations ofFly My Pretties, and Luke followed up with the last round of shows. They're all awesome, both Horsepower and their follow-up, Pegasus, are great albums, and they put on a great live show. Great guys putting out great music. Definitely buy the album and go see them if you can.

11:48 AM


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