Thursday, October 4

C&T on Blog Fresh Radio

C&T is once again featured on Blog Fresh Radio, on which I get to talk a bit about Athens/Nashville band The Lolligags. If you'd like to hear me ramble about the band and see what some other better bloggers are up to, head over there.

The Lolligags - Wired Up

Atlanta and Athens folks, do note that The Lolligags have a few upcoming shows with great lineups.

11/2 Caledonia Lounge, Athens w/ Cars Can Be Blue, Velcro Stars
11/15 Star Bar, Atlanta w/ Black Kids, Judi Chicago
11/16 Flicker Bar, Athens w/ Black Kids

The November 2 show will be their live debut, and it sounds like they're planning to make it a blowout.


Blogger AmyMeacham said...

"Southern Gentleman"? Haha! (but you are a gentleman). She sounds likes Siouxsie occasionally but looks nothing like her. Cute stuff, the Banshees were usually much darker and remind me of Halloween.

12:04 PM

Blogger mitten said...

I might actually have to hit that Star Bar show. Thanks for the notice :)

2:20 PM

Blogger Valerie said...

Better bloggers? You sell yourself short! But if they're looking for better bloggers that would explain why they haven't contacted us since - oh - July. ;)

10:28 PM


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