Thursday, October 5

Holiday weekend preview

That’s right, Monday is Columbus Day, one of those holidays that gets overlooked unless you get the day off. Before I get started, let me introduce myself. I’m Alex and I’m going to attempt to help Rich while he focuses on other stuff, so I’m kind of like that substitute teacher that didn’t care about the syllabus. I’m new to blogging, so go easy on me.

So much happening. The Indigo Girls are at the Tabernacle Thursday and Friday. I think they did an in-store at Criminal a few weeks ago. Did anyone go to that?

On Friday 9/6, Girl Talk will be performing at Azul/Raging Burrito as part of Decatur Social Club. 5 bucks, doors at 11pm, 21+. If you aren’t familiar with Girl Talk, check out this recent interview he did with local website Keenly Observed.

Girl Talk - Bounce That

The Black Lips at The Drunken Unicorn
Southeast Performer Magazine will be sponsoring a show on Saturday 9/7 with The Black Lips, Be Your Own Pet, and All Night Drug Prowling Wolves at The Drunken Unicorn. Congratulations to The Black Lips for being Creative Loafing’s Best of 2006’s Critics’ Pick for Best Local Rock Act.

The Black Lips - Oh Katrina
All Night Drug Prowling Wolves - I Cannot Say

A Fir-ju Well at The EARL
Also that night, the former members of A Fir-ju Well will be making their debut under the new monicker, Gringo Star, at The EARL with Envie and The Sweetloves.

Another local band name change: Creve Coeur is now Slow Motion Crash. They'll also be playing Saturday at the new Lenny's with Cassavettes, The Pendletons, Midwives, and Psychic Hearts.

The new Lenny's takes time to get used to. When asked, "What's the new Lenny's like?" most responses I've heard have been: "Weird." Weird because it's big and clean. They have pretzels at the bar! I don't recall there being any type of food at the old location. The last time I was there they had just gotten new stage lighting and photos on the walls. Swing by there and watch as it progresses.

Mastodon at The Drunken Unicorn
And Mastodon is playing the Masquerade on Saturday, too. They'll be at Criminal Records during the day for a "signing and hanging," whatever that means. I hope it involves nooses, because that would be awesome and appropriate, but it probably won't.

So that's my first post. Hope it was acceptable. Have fun this weekend.
All photos by Alex Adan.


Blogger Rich said...

Everybody please welcome Alex on board. He's going to be contributing here now and keeping his pulse on local music happenings while I'm a little more plugged in to my dissertation than Atlanta music. I imagine most of the ATL locals out there know him from shows and such.

Thanks Alex!

5:11 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Good job Alex!! I gots ma ticket for the Black Lips, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves and Pet Your Cute Blonde Punk Chick, as it's bound to sell out. (Congrats to our boys the Black Lips on getting signed, as well!)
You forgot that VietNam (the original band) will also be at the Eyedrum on Sat but I'll be watching Tom Cheshire doing his intense on the edge of falling stance thing and the Lips rockin' with their cocks out.

7:19 PM

Anonymous Amanda said...

Thanks for the plug! That show (Girl Talk) will be amazing.

9:38 PM

Anonymous Ryan said...

Thanks for mentioning our (Slow Motion Crash's) name change. We hope to see you at The Earl on Oct 17th with League of Evil and Oh My God! from Chicago.

2:54 PM


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