Thursday, October 5

Hollywood pop from Gertie Fox

I don't know if I'll keep up anything near this pace, but it feels good to be blogging again.

One thing I missed during my hiatus was being able to check out new bands who send me nice little notes. Of course I get a lot of stuff that isn't very interesting (to me), but enough of what comes is good that it makes it worthwhile to dig through the C&T inbox. Today I got a little note from a band called Gertie Fox, who are identified in their mailing as a quartet from Los Angeles. That same mailing goes on to name-drop Grandaddy, Built to Spill, and The Byrds as influences, but to me they sound a lot like mid-'90s college radio staples like Matthew Sweet and Weezer.

Gertie Fox - She's So Married

Gertie Fox - Modern Love

Each of these songs is from their self-released album An Imaginary Meeting In the Woods. I presume it has nothing to do with the aforementioned Spock/Cash encounter. For more on Gertie Fox see their official site or their MySpace.


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