Thursday, October 5


Time to get all civic-minded for a moment...

A quick reminder -- if you're not registered to vote, or need to change registration to your current home city/state/whatever, it's time to take care of that now for the elections this November.

Registration deadlines for each state can be found here courtesy of Rock the Vote. The deadlines for several states, including Georgia, are right around the corner. You can find the necessary forms via either your state Secretary of State's website or this website.

For those of you in Georgia, the voter registration form can be found here in .pdf format for you to fill out and mail in. Georgia's registration deadline is Tuesday, 10/10, so you'll need to print this out and get it in the mail pronto.

Please do pass this info along to any friends, family, or whomever might need to make sure they're eligible to vote on November 7. Now, back to our regular programming...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey good to see you're back here and there as well! I'll admit to stalking C&T periodically over the summer in the hopes that it too would come alive again!

Signs popping up everywhere in my little corner of Georgia........time to vote indeed. TTYL and stalking often!!!

6:52 AM


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