Tuesday, December 5

The Brother Kite

I know these guys have been all over the blogosphere, but I wanted to take a moment to spotlight a band that just barely missed out on my top 10. Frankly, they might have been on there if I had gotten to the album sooner.

The Brother Kite is a Providence-based quintet whose Waiting for the Time to be Right deserves a wide audience. I can most succinctly describe their sound as something like a dreampop/shoegaze act with a heavy Beach Boys influence. They also have their post-rock/math-rock moments. As you can imagine, I approve.

I'm short on time, so I'll let the music speak for itself in lieu of further explanation:

The Brother Kite - Out of Sight

More tracks are available at MySpace.

You can order the album for $11 from Tonevendor. They are also one of 31 Providence-area bands who appear on the "Rock Out With Your Tail Out" compilation to benefit the Providence Animal Rescue League (only $8.50 from 75 or Less Records, and limited to 500 copies).

Here's a video they've done for "I'm Not the Only One" courtesy of YouTube:


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